The Ostin Clip


We have been granted manufacturing rights to his version of the clip by Mr. John Riggs.

How is it different from Ostin’s original clip? First, for those that know the original, a lot of effort was needed to get a rubber band into position. In doing so, the band was sometimes weakened.

Mr. Riggs came up with a method of adding hooks on the inside that made adding or changing the band a matter of seconds, not minutes. And the band is not hurt in any way in loading it to the clip. Now, what does it do? As can be seen in the picture, it holds a prediction or other billet that is a blank or dummy.

After retrieving a real billet from, say, an index, and palming it, you come to the place you have the clip hanging. The blank is pulled up into the inside of the clip as your hand opens the clip. At the same time, you show or drop the real palmed billet. With the cover of the ‘taking’ hand, which has the palmed billet, the action is covered and seems to be what the audience thought they saw, but it isn’t. It’s a clean switch.

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