The Master Living & Dead Test


This effect is meant for two people as the finish needs your assistant.

Having said that here is what the audience sees:

You select a spectator that says that they can think of a person known to them who have passed away, but whose name would not cause them discomfort to recall. A note pad is shown on which you draw five numbers down the left side of the page. The spectator is ask to write the first name of the person they are thinking of next to any of the five numbers. Once they have finished that they are to fill in the remaining four numbers with other first names so the when the list is looked at it will look like a simple list of first names.

The Mentalist now offers a pen and turns away while the names are written. The mentalist turns around once the writing is finished and takes the pad. The mentalist now reads off each name, in order first to last asking the spectator if he/she has pronounced each name correctly.

The Mentalist now asks for a pair of ‘school’ slates, shows and cleans all four sides and numbers them in the upper left corner. The slates are now banded together and a small bit of chalk is placed between the slates. The Mentalist asks the spectator to stand and join him/her. They hold the banded slates between them and the spectator is ask to mentally to call out to the person they wrote on the pad. The chalk starts to write . . . at least it sounds that way. The slates are separated by the spectator and a message is now found on the clean slate! It reads: “Thank you for trying to reach me. I’m happy! and a name written below. The Mentalist asks if that name means anything to her! Yes she replies! That’s the name I wrote on the pad!

That is the complete routine and is almost the same routine I performed at the Houdini Séance at the Magic Castle for ten years. Only there I did not have an assistant so it was slightly different. I feel that this version is stronger.

You will receive a link to a video of Carlyle showing how to handle the slates.

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